About Us

Pitaro’s story begins in 1960s Israel, when Moshe Pitaro, an upholsterer, decides to open a small store in the Basel complex in Tel Aviv. Moshe provides upholstery and furniture conservation services to the residents of the area. Shortly after, he notices new needs that arise in his customers, and he starts developing and designing new furniture which answers to these daily needs.

The furniture pieces designed by Moshe are a success, and the business is growing: the 1960s “Safsalit” and the TV armchair “Apollo”, which is launched a decade later, star in almost every home in Israel and become iconic. In the late 1970s, Moshe deepens his knowledge of design and ergonomics, as he learns of a new and original technology: plywood molding. Moshe upgrades the manufacturing process by using rollers and molds, and turns the company into a specialist in this technology.

Over the next few decades, Ora, Moshe’s daughter, and Shalom Blechman, her husband, joined the business .Over the years Amit and Ben , Moshe’s grandchildren joined also Pitaro.  The company continues to expand, developing its ongoing activity with the institutional market and providing solutions for impressive renovation projects of hospitals, courts of law, institutions, etc. Thanks to Pitaro’s expertise in molded plywood, every project is custom-made and unique.

  • In the early 2000s, Ora and Shalom lead the company and collaborate with the world's leading office furniture brands: Herman Miller, Arper, Artifort, Wilkhahn and Actiu.

    This entry into the world of office furniture is marching the company forward to clever solutions and new specialties. During 2018, Pitaro expands  into the field of social furniture, which provides solutions for collaborative work environments and entertainment and hospitality spaces.

    The Pitaro complex continued to grow, and it now houses three different spaces that express the diverse skills of Pitaro. The Office and The Social, two innovative showrooms, combine business and pleasure perfectly. Next to them is Pitaro’s artisanal carpentry, which provides custom-made designs.

    The artisanal carpentry specializes in plywood molding and custom-made furniture

    Aside from the international brands, the Atelier, Pitaro’s artisanal carpentry, maintains a meticulous and personal character while using the technological expertise of molded plywood. This technology is used to create superb furniture with a smooth and rounded finish, which preserves the natural qualities of the wood.

    The combination of furniture from Pitaro’s signature collection and custom-made solutions allows Pitaro’s Atelier to answer to almost every plan or request with excellent levels of finish.

    Advanced solutions for professional office environments

    The way we work changes constantly and the work environment shifts accordingly. Offices have become more open, have started to incorporate relaxing, informal areas, and their design is now detailed and inspirational. Pitaro follows global design trends and advanced technological innovations, studies them and brings out the necessary contemporary solutions.

    חלל תצוגה פיטרו
    Designed furniture for collaborative work areas and entertainment and hospitality spaces

    In a world where everyone is online almost all the time, many options open up. The freedom of the internet enables a change of atmosphere, and work moves away from offices and homes. Restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars have begun to host more and more people who simply came to work, and therefore offer meticulous and inspiring environments. These comfortable environments are   private yet social, and they summon efficient work. On display at Pitaro’s new showroom are exceptional furniture pieces which are all about design, experience and concept: international design brands, items which combine traditional hand-made and contemporary trends, and an array of materials, colors and textures.

    חלל תצוגה פיטרו